In the 1850s, The United States was in spiritual, political, and economic decline. But Jeremy Lanphier had hope, and he knew that change would only come through prayer. 

What started as six people in a room turned into tens of thousands after a Stock Market crash in September of 1957. Soon, those who came were asked to only stay three to five minutes so that others would get a chance to cycle through. This revival spread from the US to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Europe, South Africa, India, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. All because one man decided to pray with five others.

We have this opportunity today. Our country—and our world—is faced with crisis, confusion, and unrest. We should take our cues from Jeremy and pray.

We are calling this The Pray Together Challenge, and you can start it right where you are:

  1. Start a group of 3-4 that will commit to praying over the phone, Zoom, etc.
  2. Meet five days a week.
  3. Commit to praying from now until we see the end of this health crisis.

Each day you pray, use the following prayer prompts as a guide:

Pray for our country, that God would bring healing to our nation (both physically and spiritually), and that our leaders can make wise decisions.

Pray for your family.

Pray for your church, that God would work in and through your church during this season.

Pray for yourself, that you would be obedient to Him and grow closer to him through this crisis.

Pray for a cure for this virus, and for those you know personally who are sick.

Visit our prayer wall, and pray through the recently submitted requests.

Let us know you’re praying with us by using the #LHPrayTogether tag when you post online!

We serve a God who is fully in control, and who has proven time and time again that when His people pray, He will move in a mighty way. On our knees, let us come together to ask Him to do it again.