Invite Your Friends to Join Us

It’s always a great idea to invite your friends to join you for a service at Long Hollow, and its especially easy to invite them to join you online. Use one of the buttons below to send a quick invite, or reach out however you wish and send them to to check things out.

You can also grab one of these images to share on your social posts or in your Instagram or Facebook story.

Be a Digital Missionary

While it’s easy to feel like life is on pause during an event like this, we believe that God is still at work in and through our church body. When you think of reaching your neighbors and friends, you might default to thinking of in-person discussions or asking them to attend a church event. With many concerned about coronavirus and the emergency quarantines throughout the nation, we think this is actually a great opportunity to share the hope of Christ and invite your friends to join you at our Online Campus.

Whether it’s inviting them to your house to watch the service with you, or watching on demand separately and discussing via text or over coffee, think of creative ways that you can invite your friends to attend online with you.