Long Hollow is Here to Help

We know that the coronavirus health crisis is dramatically affecting many in our community. If you need help, or want to help us reach out to those who are in need, please click the appropriate button below.

The Good Samaritan Challenge

As our community continues to deal with the stress of the health crisis, we’re challenging our Long Hollow members to look for opportunities to be a Good Samaritan to their neighbors in a practical way.

Even if your neighbors say they don’t need help, continue to offer. Sometimes accepting assistance from a stranger can feel awkward.

Don’t forget to be intentional and bold when asking your neighbors how you can pray for them during this time!

From Where You Are

Send a digital gift card.

Call and text neighbors to check in.

Organize errands for the elderly and the immunocompromised (pick up medications, groceries, necessities, etc.).

Ask your neighbors if they work in the medical field and how you can pray for them specifically. (via your neighborhood Facebook group – so others can pray along too)

Check in on the mental health of those around you.

Order food delivery for a household in your neighborhood .

Host a Zoom family bingo night for your neighbors. Print off bingo cards for each family and give them the Zoom invite code. 

Host a mom’s coffee Zoom call. Invite each neighbor mom/lady to the call. Encourage and check in on each other/find community. 

Start an online Life Group. People need community and support now more than ever. Go to this link to get started!

Utilize Next Door app. Introduce yourself, offer help, share specific needs of the neighborhood

With Just a Little Moving Around

Write your neighbors a letter and place it on their front door/porch. Explain who you are, if they do not know you, and give your contact info and address. Let your neighbors know you are willing to help, pray, or just be a listening ear.

Use sidewalk chalk to share words of hope and scripture verses.

Leave thank you notes for mail and package couriers.

Leave small gifts/pre-packaged treats at neighbors doors or at your life group members doors.

If you have extra soap, toilet paper or other staples, leave a care package at your neighbor’s door with a funny note of encouragement.

Send cards to those in nursing homes and assisted living facilities OR if given permission: arrange a meeting through the windows, sing them a song, ask to paint a picture on a window in acrylic paint.

Donate blood (make an appointment first but according to healthcare workers this is still a huge need).

A Little Interaction

Feed and watch other people’s kids while schools are closed.

Provide childcare for neighbors who are medical workers or in essential jobs.

Create a neighborhood walking/driving scavenger hunt for the kids. An egg hunt before Easter would be great!

Set up games and races that your children can do across the street from each other or in separate driveways.

Perform a porch “concert” for a neighbor similar to what these kids did for an elderly neighbor

Task Mastering

Mow grass for a neighbor.

Offer to plant shrubs/flowers.

Spray wash a neighbor’s house.

Mend a fence.

Getting Up and Going Out

If you’re running to the store, ask your neighbors if they need anything.

Take a neighbor to a medical appointment.

Pick up a prescription for someone.

Is There a Way I Can Help With Medical Needs?

Yes! Although our April 20 blood drive is now full, we’re working with the American Red Cross to schedule another one in the near future.

Other Local Opportunities to Help

As we are looking for ways to remain involved with our communities and be a blessing to those around us, we have been putting together some ideas for how to live missionally even though we might not be in close proximity to each other. Here are a few ways you can continue to be the church to the world around you:

Pandemic Pals

Gallatin is full of loving, compassionate and kind people. During this time of social distancing, many elderly and high-risk members of your community are going to need assistance getting critical supplies while refraining from being in large public spaces.

We want to match those of you who are under 60, healthy, and at low-risk for COVID-19 with elderly members and neighbors in your community who are high-risk so that you can love them through this. Through Pandemic Pals, you can help your neighbors by picking up groceries or prescriptions, delivering a homemade meal, a book from the library, or simply being intentional about checking in every couple of days.

View Opportunities

Project Connect Nashville

Project Connect has a number of current service opportunities in North Nashville, including meal delivery, resource center staffing, and resident check-ins, but they need volunteers.

They continue to operate a resource center and provide meals to the local residents who are in need. Additionally, they are setting up teams to reach out to residents via phone to check in on them to see how they are doing and how we can serve them and pray for them. Their goal is to build encouraging long-term relationships as we meet their immediate needs, connect them to repair and rebuilding services, and help these individuals move toward long-term hope and stability… all while taking precautions to avoid COVID-19 exposure for everyone involved.

If you want to see a list of ongoing efforts and sign up to help, you can do so here:

View Opportunities

Men of Valor

Men of Valor works with men in the local prison systems to help them rehabilitate and minister to their individual needs. Much of their work is done through volunteers, but at this time, they are not able to have any. You can still help by donating non-perishable food and sanitation supplies to 504 Valor Way Antioch, TN 37013.

Additionally, they have had to cancel their April 7th fundraising breakfast, so monetary donations are greatly needed. They will help support the day-to-day operations of their transitional campus. Donations can be made at movnashville.com

Cumberland Crisis Pregnancy Center

Since 1987, the Cumberland Crisis Pregnancy Center (CCPC) has been providing resources and support for young women and families facing the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy.

There are two ways that CCPC could use your support at this time.
Order baby items from CCPC’s Amazon Wish List. All items ordered will be sent directly to their facility.
Give financially either online or by texting the word GIVE to 1 (615) 205-1993.