Here at Long Hollow, we want every person to find community in a weekly Life Group, and make disciples in a yearly Discipleship Group (or D-Group).

Get Started at GroupLINK

If you are looking to find community in a Life Group, GroupLINK is the place to start.

Over the course of 6 weeks, GroupLINK provides an opportunity for you to start getting to know others also looking for a group, as well as connect with leaders who are ready to launch new groups. We will study the Word and discuss relevant topics together.

GroupLINK is offered at the Hendersonville Campus starting August 1 and at the Gallatin Campus beginning September 5, 2021.

Learn More about Life Groups and D-Groups

You can learn more about Life Groups and D-Groups here:

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Tools for Online Gatherings

You can find a wealth of online tools and resources on our resource page here.

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Group Leader Resources

You can find a list of our current resources available for group leaders here.

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