Whether it’s in-person or online, we want your whole family to join us this December as we come together to celebrate the hope of Christ during the Christmas season.

 Online Christmas Eve Services

As you make Christmas Eve plans with your family and friends, we’re streaming a special Christmas Eve program to watch during your celebrations at home that all ages will enjoy. In this interactive experience, we’ll worship together, read the story of the birth of Jesus, and hear a special word from Pastor Robby as he walks us through communion. You can stream the service in its entirety below:

Get your kids involved! You’ll want to gather a few items before enjoying this special online experience. To add to the fun, consider creating a scavenger hunt around your home to have them (or maybe some competitive adults) locate the following items:

  A Bible (to read the Christmas story together)
  Crackers and Juice (or other items to use for Communion)
  Candles (to light during worship)
  A Cozy Blanket

Long Hollow Christmas

Our annual Long Hollow Christmas celebration took place the weekend of December 13. You can watch it in its entirety below:


The New Christmas Album from Long Hollow Worship

We believe Christmas is worth celebrating, and LH Worship has spent months recording one of the most exciting Christmas albums you’ve ever heard!

Whether you want to set the tone around your home or enjoy some new twists on your favorite songs and carols, we hope you’ll have this album on repeat throughout the month of December.